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Well, I'll never stop figuring that out, but you can learn more about what I do here.

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Fairlady Women of the Future

24 July 2018

I think it’s kinda obvs how passionate I am about women in business. Whether they’re entrepreneurs or working in corporate, I love seeing women succeed. And I love it when publications recognise and bestow honours upon women. Wait,...

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Business Lessons

Entrepreneurship and the Terrible Twos

23 July 2018

You will hear and read a fair amount about how tough the first year of business can be or that if...

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Destiny Magazine Power of 40 Report

01 October 2016

Yeah, hi. Is this real life? On my birthday this year, I received an email from the team at...

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Fast Company Top 20 Under 30

25 July 2016

I joked with Baz a few months ago about making one of these lists before I turned 30 and now...

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The Bride Drop

31 August 2015

“Morning, husband” “Hey, wife!” “What shall we do today?” *crickets* Couples the world over are...

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About Kirsty Bisset I have a distinctly average attitude towards conformity and an above average adoration for Patron, entrepreneurship, my cat, and snowboarding.

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