Writing more than a handful characters worth of thoughts… My nerves are shattered! So, I will not be writing about the expected… Patron, motorboating, or Taylor Swift. Instead, I’d like to share a piece of writing I wrote as my Mom was losing her battle with cancer. This website is for her, after all.

All I want for you is to be a stranger to the light
With you here, the sun gives up no fight.
Let me love you, for now I do,
Awake and dreaming is where perfections becomes you.

My heart bled to function until that fateful day,
Sat with your aura, a natural, maternal array.
With question,
I will mention
A future is my cherished dream
This tension
Severe apprehension
Runs in fear when, in your arms, I lean.

If only I knew how to pull myself apart
Break myself down until all that’s left is my heart
For now, I sit with my thoughts
Bathe in their presence.
Shun the denial, embrace acceptance.

So accept this heart, this body, this mind.
Death is no longer an enemy, but a friend.
Know, to you, I will always be kind
And your legacy ’til the bitter end.

So this inaugural blog, as well as all posts following it, is dedicated to Penelope Ann Bisset and I promise I will be happier from now on 😉

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