I joked with Baz a few months ago about making one of these lists before I turned 30 and now look…

To appear in Fast Company South Africa‘s Top 20 Under 30 is such an honour. The issue recognises millennials¬†in SA who are making waves and shaping the world in amazing ways. Shit, how cool?!

I have to say that being recognised by a publication like Fast Company is one thing, but what’s truly humbling is the company I keep in this issue. Filmmaker, Gareth Pon, is in there and I ogle over his content all the time. One of my fellow Wits Business School graduates, Gladwyn Leeuw, is there for the remarkable work he has done for small businesses. And of course, miss Google SA herself, Mich Atagana.

If you’d like to flip through the issue, you can check it out here.

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