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Clifton Shores Hits The U.S. TV Circuit
23 October 2012

Love it or hate it, Clifton Shores has made its mark on South African television. If you've been averse to this craze, the show follows four American lasses around Cape Town as they rock events for bajillionaire, Quinton van der Burgh.

Clifton Shores cast

Clifton Shores has been picked up in the States, and is now showing on the TV Guide Network on Sunday nights as The Shores

This is a really big deal for South Africa and, in particular, Cape Town as the city is showcased beautifully during the course of the show.

Van der Burgh has just returned home after attending the very successful US launch in Los Angeles. The glitzy party in LA’s Dim Mak studios featured celeb DJ, Vikter Duplaix, on the decks.

Last week, Van der Burgh’s US distribution partner, MarVista, showcased the series at the international entertainment content market, Mipcom, in Cannes, France. MarVista CEO, Fernando Szew, believes that the show’s recipe of showing Americans experiencing extravagant lifestyles in exotic foreign climes is a winner. Says Szew, “It has all the elements to drive viewer engagement!”

And if the interest shown at Mipcom is anything to go by, The Shores may soon end up on small screens across Europe, South America, India, and China, says Van der Burgh, who is the executive producer, creator, stars in the show, pimps the girs... You catch my drift. “A lot was dependent on us getting US distribution, so now that this has happened, we expect faster movement in licensing the show elsewhere.”

What are your thoughts? Do you watch the show? Are you proud or embarrassed?

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