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Happy 1st Birthday, STIR!
29 November 2013

Dear Stir,

Happy first birthday! I registered you a whole 365 days ago and, for the last few days, I have been struggling to comprehend all that has happened since then.

There have been days when I have hated you, cursed you, and blamed you. There was even a time when I wanted to give up on you as I was given the opportunity to head up something much larger for a salary I have yet to see from you. However, those few days were nothing in comparison to the joy you have provided. Joy that has been so overwhelming that the only way I could deal with it was by crying. Joy that has taught me more about myself in one year than I think I ever could have learnt in ten years in corporate.

My friend, Robyn Hobson, wrote a very relevant blog recently about the not-so-glamorous side of entrepreneurship. She truly hit the nail on head. There is nothing fabulous about it, darlin’. It has nothing to do with fancy cars and the ‘empire’. You wear about 864 hats, you have panic attacks every time you see your dwindling bank balance, you lose friends because they don’t understand why on earth you would want to work over going drinking, you sacrifice hobbies, and you fail. Hard.

Through that, you have achieved so much, Stir. Together, we have shared knowledge at conferences and we have sat across the table from some pretty important peeps. But, most importantly, we have made clients squeal with happiness. Over and above that, we have made their consumers do the same. And, with three new clients coming onboard this week alone, we have proved that there truly is nothing that we cannot conquer.

You have pushed me, pulled me, and hurled me a continent away from my comfort zone. Never mind the deep end, you have thrown me into the middle of the ocean without water wings and a couple of Great Whites hanging out nearby.

Thank you to my boyfriend, Barry, who has been my rock, my punching bag, my biggest fan, and my occasional strategist. You inspire me to do better everyday and I cannot put into words how much your support has meant to me.

To my Dad, thank you for supporting my decision to do this. Your open mind and penchant to be the square peg in the round hole has rubbed off on me and I think entrepreneurs are lost without these qualities. And thanks for letting me get off rent-free at your place while I got on my feet!

To my friends and fellow industry players (you know who you are), thank you for your advice and motivation through times when I thought I wanted to quit. It’s always comforting to know I have some phenomenal minds to turn to in the middle of the night.

Should I be holding an Oscar in my hand right about now?

Thank you, Stir. You are more than just a digital agency to me. You’re a pillar of strength and a friend I’d be nothing without. Here's to another ten years! *clink*

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