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Have Great Lengths #PinkHair Installed for CANSA in October!
30 September 2013

Truth be told, hair extensions have always intrigued me. The only thing I've ever worried about is the risk of looking like trailer park trash when you can see the glue and all the yucky Jerset Shore-esque consequence.

But then I stumbled upon Great Lengths Hair Extensions and let's just say that my hair envy is at an all time high!

Great Lengths

What differentiates Great Lengths from other hair extensions is that they actually use a keratin bond. Yeah, keratin... You know, the stuff that actually makes up your hair? The extensions are attached to your own hair using this bond and that matters because it doesn't damage your locks, it ensures your extensions act like your own hair, and that they last up to five months.

Great Lengths

Great Lengths

The best part about Great Lengths is that they have a stunning campaign running throughout the month of October. As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can help raise money for CANSA and look all kinds of sexy at the same time (win!). Just look at the likes of Melinda Bam (swooooon), Jeannie D, Karlien Van Jaarsveld, Cindy Nell and Tamara Dey for inspiration...

Melinda Bam

Jeannie D

Karlien Van JaarsveldCindy Nell RobertsTamara

All you have to do to help is have a #PinkHair Great Lengths Extension installed at one of their over 250 partner salons nationwide. Each strand will cost you R100, takes 5 minutes, and the proceeds go to CANSA. I'm having two installed this afternoon and will share pics with you guys. CANSA is an organisation very close to my heart and I am sure many of you can relate.

Tweet at Great Lengths, chat to them on their Facebook page or use their salon locator to find a salon near you and let's come together to help kick cancer's ass! Send me or Great Lengths some piccies as well to spread the pink love.


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