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Helena Christensen for Kipling
16 September 2013

Truth be told, Helena Christensen has always intrigued me. Those eyes have you enquiring about her thoughts for days!

Helena Christensen

The Danish beauty is a supermodel, mother, and photographer, and her latest venture is gracing international and lifestyle luggage brand, Kipling, with her face.

Lace Print

Rose Print

The life of a supermodel is always filled with a ridiculous amount of travelling, so the collaboration between Helena and Kipling seems like a very natural one.

"Kipling is a brand that I have used for so many years, it's a part of my travel. Working with the design team has been a great eye-opener, understanding and appreciate all of the elements to consider in order to make a bag durable and long lasting whilst having true credentials in style and being fashion led."

Lace Tote

Black Tote

Rose Tote

Like Helena's beauty, the collection is unique and timeless with vintage accents and a subtle Spring influence.

Helena answered a few questions about the brand and the campaign:

What was your favourite part about working with Kipling? 

I have always travelled with Kipling suitcases so it was cool to be able to collaborate on designing a line of Kipling bags. It felt like it was my own personal bag line I was working on.

What does the collection consist of? 

A selection of weekend bags, shoulder bags and pouches. One series has lace imprint and is the more elegant version, another has a blown-up photograph I took printed on the outside and the last series is made of leather and inspired by old office and school bags.

What is the inspiration for the collection? 

I just wanted there to be a bag for any occasion, and was inspired by dusty colours for the photographic print bag. The leather series was inspired by those old square schoolbags that get all worn out and look more and more beautiful with time.

The lace series was inspired by my old vintage lace dresses. I wanted to transfer that look onto a modern and versatile bag.

What do you look for in a bag? 

Space! But nothing that looks too oversized, I like a bag that fits under your arm and still has enough space for even a weekend away. For evening wear I like a pouch that sits comfortably in your hand and fits just the most necessary for an evening out.

What's your favourite bag? 

I like the little leather pouch. It looks chic yet simple. I think with time it will get a nice worn feel and look that will make it even cooler.

What was your favourite part about working with Kipling? 

Designing the bags was definitely the fun part. It's pretty awesome to be given the responsibility and honour of giving a product your own personal twist.  

What is your earliest Kipling memory?  

Since my early 20's I've been pulling Kipling suitcases along on all my trips all over the world. I have accumulated quite a few of them by now. I can’t wait to see one of the weekend bags I designed going around on a luggage carrousel. I'll probably let it circle for a few rounds...


The collection will be available to us South Africans in October 2013.

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