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Love your Pets with the Hill's Foodie Bin
16 February 2015

In case you missed it, it was Zorro's 6th birthday last weekend. Look how happy he was about this fact...


Like any normal crazy cat person, I asked myself, "What does one buy a cat that has everything?" Naturally, Hill's had the answer!

The Hill's Foodie Bin is the holy grail of pet food storage and is available from your nearest vet while stock lasts.

Hill's Foodie Bin

How do you get your hands on one of these? Well, all you need to do is buy two small (1.81kg to 3kg) bags of Hill's Science Plan or Ideal Balance Canine Mini or two medium (2.72kg to 6.8kg) bags of Hill's Science Plan or Ideal Balance Feline. You will receive the smaller Foodie Bin worth R250.

For larger pooches, but two large (11kg to 13.6kg) bags of Hill's Science Plan or Ideal Balance Canine to get the 15kg Foodie Bin worth R500. 

You better hurry. You don't want your pet reading this blog and resenting you because they're the loser without a Foodie Bin. Trust me, nobody wants to fail at pet parenting.

For more info, visit the Hill's website, or keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter

Thanks, Hill's! Zorro still loves me for another year (ok, maybe a week.)

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