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My Full Shoot with FHM
28 February 2014

I know. I know! My blogging has been comparable to a sober Charlie Sheen lately (in that it has been non-existent.) Sorry, pals and gals... My company has just been on the up and up and stealing away every second of my life.

Therefore, this post is ridiculously late... A few months late. DOH! But, hey, I figured as Summer is coming to an end, I would flood your life with some island love.

Last year, I ventured to Zanzibar on a Mango plane with some of the raddest people I have ever met, but that could have been the rum talking.


Before I share what we got up to, you just need to take a second to book a trip to this magnificent island. The folks at AfricaStay hook you up properly with their packages. No, really... They took care of everything and we only ended up spending $50 for the whole week that we were there (sans the crappy exchange rate and including a plethora of Pina Coladas) 

K, have you booked? Cool... Because this is what you can expect from the Diamonds Dream of Zanzibar resort.

Diamonds Dream of Zanzibar

It was a busy trip filled with shoots and interviews, but we managed to fit in visits to Stone Town, kayaking, as well as some of the best snorkeling I have ever experienced. 

Kayak time

Stone Town

Behind the scenes with Simba from Top Billing

Chasing fishies

The FHM crew were friggin' rockstars. I shot with Steve Tanchel and we just had such a jol. Modeling is not as easy as it looks (I was walking like I'd run the Comrades the following day), but I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

That whole thing about pictures and a thousand words... Here ya go:

This makes the knees hurt

Thanks, squats

It was hot. Needed to take my shirt off

Aaaand how they translated in the mag...

Patron, of course

Talking kak

Loving every second

And some more sexy... Thanks, Barry Tuck, for the awesome shots!

Zanzibar Sunset

La Gemma Dell Est

The doors and the kids rock

Much love for everyone who made this possible. I can't wait to head back to Zanzibar - it's truly a must-see!

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