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The MINI Paceman is here
10 May 2013

I've been dreaming about this car since its unveiling last Thursday, so please pardon any incoherence on this blog.

The lovely folks at MINI invited myself (and many others far more fluent in car) to the launch of the MINI Paceman. The view was awful.

The view from 3 Desmond Street, Kramerville

Amongst the chatter, cocktails (virgin until after the test drive, of course), and pinball machines, sat the surprise that everyone was waiting for. All wrapped up (like a gift for Kirsty's birthday. Ahem. Ahem!) in the centre of the party was the MINI Paceman.

MINI Paceman

Hosted by 5FM's KB, the reveal of this beauty was a group effort as all in attendance took part in unwrapping the car. MINI continued on this participative path as we were all given the opportunity to drive the Paceman around Jo'burg. It took everything in my power to not squeal down Rivonia Road. This baby packs quite a punch and is sexy from the inside out.

MINI Paceman

The thrill of the night continued off the road as Goldfish, DJ Fresh, and Euphonik rocked our worlds with some sweet ass chooooooons. What? I warned you about incoherence...


Euphonik and Fresh

MINI do it right. With their cars. With their events. With their cocktails...

Please excuse me, I have a dealership to visit.

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