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The New Maru Video has Landed
29 May 2013

Maru In A Box

If you've been living under kitty litter for a while, you may not know who the most famous cat in the world is. Maru is a Japanese word meaning 'round' or 'circle' and, looking at this feline, it's no guess as to why he was graced with this name.

Maru has become a YouTube sensation over the last four years with total views exceeding 200 million. His love for boxes (and anything he can climb into, really) has captured many hearts and left me needing a new pair of pants.

His debut video has attracted over 17 million views...

Since then he has evolved and matured to bigger boxes and toy cars. And now, the latest Maru video has been uploaded for your entertainment. Enjoy...

This cat is the Jennifer Lawrence of my life. I just wanna be besties with him.

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