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The World's Number One Street Magician Hits S.A.
15 November 2012

Truth is, magic has always fascinated me. It's right about now that I should confess to you that I used to be a magician's assistant. Let that simmer...

Magic comes in many forms. Tricks, illusions, Magic Johnson...

But every now and again, a form of magic comes along that leaves you dizzy, and rushing with excitement. And I'm not just talking about this guy's eyes...


Ok, focus! Dynamo is a 29-year old magician from Bradford, and has eyes that will magically make you weak at the knees. Dammit, Kirsty! Focus! His show, Magician Impossible, follows him as he journeys around the world astounding people with his skills, with his most memorable illusion being when he seemingly walked across the River Thames against the backdrop of the Parliament Buildings. 

Dynamo is currently in South Africa (I know, right!) and sat down with me to discuss his history, the new season, and what he has in store for the future. Ok ok, there were other people at the press conference but I didn't notice. Have I mentioned the pull this dude's eyes have?

Dynamo at the Discovery Networks Press Conference in Johannesburg

He also announced that he would be staying in South Africa for a few weeks to shoot an episode for the third season of the show. So keep an eye out for his antics in Johannesburg and Cape Town. And please let me know where he is. It's been ages since I stalked someone.

“I love travelling to different places to surprise people with my magic, so meeting all of my South African Dynamites is going to be amazing. I’ve only been here a few days but already I can see South Africa is an incredible country – I love the diversity here, I think Cape Town and Johannesburg will make a very special episode.  I have a few things in store which I hope will get South Africa talking – watch this space!"

The Discovery Network is bringing the second season of Magician Impossible to our screens next Wednesday, 21 November 2012 at 20:30. Oooh, and they've got a whole host of rad new shows in the pipeline for 2013 so be sure to "Keep it locked", as the T.V. people say.

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