Kirst Bisset

Three Years Later
06 December 2012

Hey, Ma!

As you know from my Inaugural Bloglet, this site is all for you, so I just wanted to say hello.

I can’t believe it’s been three whole years since you decided to hang out with the angels. Three years since you left, but as my face nuzzled against your cold cheek and I told you how much I loved you, you took one last breath. I felt like that breath was just for me, and I am forever grateful for it.

I think about you every day. Not all day every day, but your presence was so tangible when you were alive, and it certainly lives on. You’re a force, Ma. ‘Specially after a few tequilas, hey! Don’t worry, that legacy certainly lives on through this lil Patron Princess.

My new company is rocking, Ma. I finally got it registered last week, and I landed my first major client today! Today of all days! I know you had something to do with that! Thank you. I’m working out of your old office - the one where you rocked your own business. There’s no doubt it’s filled with good energy.

I’m head-over-heels, his-and-her-towels in love, Ma. You’d love his humour, his ambition, and his unending ability to make me so damn happy.  He always says that if there were anything he could change, it would be the opportunity to have met you.

Barry and I

There are times when I think back to your 6th year into your cancer battle when you told me you would fight until you saw your first grandchild, and I know, at the end, you were angry with yourself for not being able to fulfill that promise. You apologised so many times. I’m not angry with you for that. Geez, you fought that bitch for 10 years! My point is that I am slowly finding peace with the fact that you’re not physically here. Doesn’t make it any easier, though.

I know you would be proud of me, and that’s all the peace I need. Dad and I love you. We miss you. Cheers! *clink*

Dad and I

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