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Treat Your Kitty this Winter with the #HillsKittyCuddler
02 June 2015

Nothing impresses Zorro. No, really. You could come at him with catnip flavoured bacon and he would still think you were the most inferior being on his Earth.

Also, Zorro dictates our household. We have to sleep around him and we have to wake up when he wakes  up.

And yet, I still keep trying. I try to pique his interest with anything vaguely out of the norm. So when I brought home a new Winter bed for him, you can imagine how I thought he'd react.


But the stars must have aligned as he took to the new Hill's Kitty Cuddler like it was made to wrap around his ego. Yeah, I took a video and yeah, I giggled uncontrollably as we tightened it.

Do you want your cat to love you? Good. Purchase two bags of Hill's Science Plan or Ideal Balance Feline sized between 2.72kg and 6.8kg at participating veterinary outlets, while stocks last and you will receive a Hill's Kitty Cuddler free!

Don't forget to use the hashtag #HillsKittyCuddler and send your photos to Hill's on Facebook and Twitter.

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