Kirst Bisset

19 March 2014

Right. I love rugby. I ADORE rugby. I try to attend every Sharks game that I can at The Shark Tank (Barry, thanks for the season tickets, yo!) and I love that my weekends are spent shouting like a drunk banshee at my favourite and my most disliked players.


But, truth be told, I'm not that well-versed when it comes the technical aspects of rugby. I mean, let's face it... One day the ref is saying "Touch. Pause. What-what" and the next day, it's something different. This could be the beer that aids my confusion, but let's not get technical...

This is where Vodacom, with their oodles and oodles of Supergees, have come to the rescue. The Vodacom Rugby Stats App records everything. From the tries and tackles to kicks and conversions, I'm surprised each player's DNA code isn't listed on this thing.

Gees Code 1

The best thing is that you don't have to wait for all of this info. The app updates itself every 90 seconds to bring you the latest on games, players, and tournaments. For example, I know that lil Lambie has scored 50 points in 2014 thus far. None of that scoring involved me unfortunately....

Gees Code 23

*infomercial voice* But wait! There's more! They're running a kick ass competition on the app where you can win tickets to the SupeRugby 2014 final! I know... I'm hyperventilating at the thought of the Sharks being there as well!

The app is available on iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

Don't be that guy who's left behind. Boet. Download it today.


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