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Why I Ended my Relationship
07 August 2014

Yesterday, I called off my engagement.


It was a very surreal experience and the feeling will stick with me forever. But, before you break out in the ‘Single Ladies’ dance, let me explain…

I went from ‘Engaged’ to ‘Single’ on Facebook for a very worthy cause. 

POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) gathered some of SA’s biggest names (and me), including Roxy Burger, Sonia Booth, and Tamerin Jardin, to draw attention to how easy it is to escape a relationship with just one click on Facebook, but how challenging it is for women in abusive relationships to escape. Let that simmer for a few seconds. 

We can be very judgmental towards these women with remarks such, “You always have a choice” and “If you were stronger, you’d just walk away” rushing out of our mouths, but we very rarely have full comprehension of what is really going on.

The response to my status emptied my battery life at full-speed. Comments, WhatsApp messages, legal advice, phone calls and even a drinks invite came flooding in and I couldn’t say a word. It was heartwarming to know that so many people cared and showed concern for my happiness. It made me wonder one thing, though… How quickly do people rush to victims’ assistance? Are people as quick to jump to a “real” victim’s rescue? Or do we tend to turn a blind eye in favour of convincing ourselves that she’ll sort her life out or he’ll change…


POWA does incredible work, ensuring that victims of gender-based violence receive shelter, counseling, and legal support through the toughest of times.

Naturally, this doesn’t come cheap and they need your assistance this month. If you have 10 bucks to spare, please SMS ‘POWA’ to 38874 to donate 10 bucks. 

You can also keep up with POWA on Facebook and Twitter.

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