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Why We Should Declare Beefcakes a National Monument
15 May 2013

Truth be told, my love for dancing men and good burgers cannot be rivalled. Wait! Let me explain...

I recently visited Beefcakes in Illovo, Jo'burg. After its faaaabulous success in Cape Town, the famed gay bar opened its door in the city of gold in October last year.


The night was unforgettable. So unforgettable, in fact, that I've come up with a few reasons as to why Beefcakes should be named a national monument:

1. It's Old

Like, the actual establishment isn't old, but it is themed around a 50's-style diner. That's old. Sorry, Dad...

The Dreams

2. It promotes freedom of expression

No matter if you're black or white, male, female or both, prefer chicken or beef, you're free to sing along, dance with the performers and wolf-whistle to your heart's content.

The Dreams

3. It's overflowing with Diversity

From the music to the audience, there's something to make every South African feel right at home. And yes, I realise the picture below is completely irrelevant.

Beefcakes Waiters

4. The Food

What is more South African than meat? Beef! That's what! And the beef is in abundance.


5. There are Patron Cocktails

Of course this is grounds for the declaration of a national monument! Every Patron Princess needs her fix.

Patron Cocktails FTW!

6. This...

Just Hangin' Out

I think I have a strong case here.

Jokes aside, it truly is an epic experience and I can't wait to shake my feather boa there again.

Keep up with Beefcakes on Twitter in Cape Town and Jozi.

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