Kirst Bisset

Winter in Paris
17 April 2013

I haven't blogged about my trip to Paris in February because trying to put Winter in Paris into words is a futile exercise.

Eiffel Tower

Visiting Paris is like delving into a whirlwind romance and only the two of you can understand the rush of emotions and the connection shared. See? Hard to put into words...

The Louvre

However, I recently stumbled upon this video that really captures the beauty of this city in the middle of Europe's icy grip. Why is Winter so special? Let's just say that your affair feels more private, more intimate. If you've been, it'll stir up all the emotions you felt while you were there. If you haven't, I wouldn't be surprised if you Googled 'Flights to Paris' after this.

Turn the sound up and enjoy.

Video by Andrew Julian.

Photos by Barry Tuck.

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