Before I start (and I can’t believe I have to state this disclaimer, but such is the nature of writing about brands these days), this post isn’t sponsored. My abs and ass believe wholeheartedly in this.

I’m not naturally good at the whole fitness thing. This may come as surprise given how much I exercise, but it’s something I have to work really hard at. I get bored very easily. This doesn’t come as surprise coming from anyone, yeah?

What Is MovementX?

So, in order for me to have a nice ass and beat my PBs during half marathons, I need a workout that’s fun and effective. For the last few years, I’ve been drowning in sweat at MovementX. I regularly (well, I try) attend their Xtreme and apeX classes, which focus on H.I.I.T. to strengthen, condition, and tone that sexy body of yours. The trainers are exceptional and focus heavily on your form to avoid injury and ensure you get the most out of your workout. I’ve realised it’s possible to love and hate people equally 😉

The 8-Week Challenge

As always, life gets in the way and I may go two or three weeks without attending a class, but I’m dedicating the next few weeks to their 8-Week Challenge. The challenge starts on Monday, 1 October and runs until Sunday, 25 November.

The Results Speak Volumes

The 8-Week Challenge takes place twice a year. I participated in April/May last year, and the results spoke for themselves. I lost almost four kilos and over 3% body fat. In working out body fat percentage, they take weight, height, age and gender into account.

    Weight Body Fat % Body Fat Weight Lean Body Weight
Before 61.0 21.40 13.05 47.95
After 57.2 18.03 10.31 46.89
Total   -3.8 -3.37 -2.74 -1.06

Most importantly, I felt like a rockstar. Despite working out 5 days a week and often waking up before 5am, I had more energy than I’ve ever had. The increase in my fitness shone through when I took part in a half marathon about four weeks in. I achieved a personal best of 1h:51m:16s during the Deloitte Challenge in Durban.

Other Results

This time last year, the winner, James lost 10.4 kilos and 7.1% body fat. Earlier this year, the winner, Abri, lost 23 kilos and 8% body fat! Duuuuude! Look at you!

It has its ups and downs. I’m not gonna lie, by the fifth week, I was knackered. I’d reached a bit of a ceiling and was FROTHING for a whole slice of cake. Apparently, this is pretty normal, and the instructors gave me some advice to motivate me to push through. It was so worth it and reminded me to never give up.

Upon completing the 8-Week Challenge, I noticed a shift in my mindset that hasn’t changed. I want to exercise. I want to eat well. And while I’m not as strict as I am when I’m participating, the desire to be healthy extends way past the 8 weeks.

Let’s Do This!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to take part since last year because of travel commitments, but I’ve blocked out the next 8 weeks, because this peach isn’t going to shape itself for December. Why don’t you join me? It’s damn tough and it doesn’t get easier, but you get stronger and that feeling is incomparable. Registration closes this Friday, 28 September, so make the decision to be better.

It costs R2850 and you get:

  • Unlimited access to classes. This works out to R50 a class if you attend every day. To give you an idea, the single classes usually start at R160 per class if you just popped in, so you’re saving a bucket load of cash by participating in the 8-Week Challenge.
  • 2 full body assessments including Before and After photos.
  • A full eating plan (this was super helpful to me because you can’t out-train a bad diet.)
  • Progress chart.
  • Supplement guide and advice.
  • Helpful tips.
  • Nutrition and training guidance.
  • A chance to win your share of R30,000 in prizes! And not to pick a favourite (nah, screw it, this is my favourite…) but the Oyster Box is throwing in a luxurious stay at their hotel and spa. I’m talking sea views with all the food. What an epic reward after all your hard work, yeah?

I love that the 8-Week Challenge speaks to various goals. Fitness? Yeah. Weight loss? Check. Toning. uh, YEAH!

Click here to register and I’ll see you on the treadmills!

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