Lockdown in South Africa (and globally) has most certainly seen a spike in creativity and new ideas.

GOODLUCK‘s online show, The Luck Down, which is broadcast on  Facebook and YouTube every Wednesday at 19:00 CAT is a superior example.

The Luck Down was created as a way to connect with their fans and friends around the world to share the good news, innovation and uplifting stories during this global crisis.

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed to chat about SMEs in SA, digital marketing, and the lovely Jules even snuck some Taylor Swift in there. To my delight.

You can check out my interview along with awesome chats with 5FM’s Fix, The Kiffness, and celeb chef, Jenny Morris below (Ben and her have such a wonderful rapport.)

Check out The LuckDown every Wednesday at 19:00 CAT.

Also, check out their merch. I’ve been living in my GOODLUCK hoodie all Winter.


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