The South African Chamber of Commerce in the UK recently launched a podcast called The Scaling Show.

“The SA Chamber is excited to add a series of podcasts to its digital engagement offering with members and future members.  A different medium for us, which will provide a wider reach,” says Sharon Constançon, SACC Chairman.

The show is hosted by Richard Doherty – founder of IP Group and SACC Executive Committee Member.

Barry and I were fortunate enough to have a fun and informative chat on the podcast. During the show, we:

– Outline our history
– Discuss how businesses never work out the way you think they will
– Celebrate revised agency models
– Explain how we decide who to work with
– Discuss what we think the future looks like for startups and the tech space
– Open up about lockdown challenges
– Look at scaling internationally
– Reveal some tips for leading and succeeding

Give it a listen right here.

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