November is a big month. It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week from 16 – 20 November, which is operated by The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN). GEN operates a platform of projects and programs in 180 countries aimed at making it easier for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a business.

My views on entrepreneurship are clear and finite. Being an entrepreneur in South Africa feels like an extreme sport, and even more so, in 2020.

November also marks STIR‘s eighth birthday. Eight! I have moments when I take a step back and feel in awe of the fact that I have run a successful digital agency that is 100% mine for eight years. STIR is undergoing some super exciting negotiations at the moment and hopefully I will be able to share more soon, but I digress.

In these eight years, I have gone on to either start or become a shareholder in seven other companies. And what do these all have in common? They need to be registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). I don’t know how to put this nicely – the CIPC is clumsy, archaic, and inefficient. In 2012, it took them three months to register STIR. In 2018, it took over a month to register SwiftX. Long story short, you don’t want to put yourself through the process of company registration – especially when there are experts who can do it for you while you focus on what’s important – taking your business to market.

Enter Govchain

Man, I wish I’d known about Govchain before! When they approached me to partner with them, it was an absolute no-brainer. Dear entrepreneur, if I can share any advice with you, it’s to outsource stuff that detracts from your core focus as soon as you can.

Amongst a range of services that they offer to make your life easier in all phases of your business, Govchain’s company registration service is flawless. For just R880, you receive the following in ONE WEEK:

  • Reserved company name
  • Company registration certificate (COR14.3)
  • Income tax registration number
  • CIPC filing fees (R175 fee included)
  • Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Free B-BBEE affidavit
  • Share certificates for all shareholders
  • Business banking account (optional)

All you need is a copy of your ID, or passport if you’re a foreigner, that’s been verified in the past three months. The application process is entirely online and requires no printing or paperwork. If you have everything you need you can complete your application in just 3 minutes!

WIN with me and Govchain

I’ve partnered with the team to give away three company registrations to the value of R880 each. If you’re considering starting a new company, now is as good a time as any.

To enter, please comment on my posts on either Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn telling me what starting your own business will mean to you. Easy.

I’ll be taking entries until Friday, 20 November 2020 and winners will be contacted online. Good luck!

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